Do Germans have to get health insurance?

 Do Germans have to get health insurance?

health insurance in Germany

Yes, in Germany, health insurance is mandatory for all residents. The German healthcare system is based on a dual insurance model, which means that individuals must have health insurance coverage either through the statutory health insurance (gesetzliche Krankenversicherung) or private health insurance (private Krankenversicherung).

The majority of residents in Germany are covered by statutory health insurance, which is often referred to as "public" or "government" health insurance. It is a comprehensive system that provides access to a wide range of medical services. Employees with a gross income below a certain threshold (currently around €64,350 per year in 2021) are generally required to join the statutory health insurance system.

Those who are not eligible for statutory health insurance, such as self-employed individuals or high-income earners, have the option to obtain private health insurance. Private health insurance in Germany offers more extensive coverage options but is usually more expensive and can have stricter eligibility criteria.

In summary, whether through statutory or private health insurance, all residents in Germany are obligated to have health insurance coverage to ensure access to healthcare services.

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