Do You Need To Buy Transit Insurance For Shifting Your Car In India Or Does Your Existing Comprehensive Policy Cover The Same?

 Do you need to buy transit insurance for shifting your car in India or does your existing comprehensive policy cover the same?

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In India, when it comes to shifting your car from one location to another, it is generally recommended to purchase transit insurance specifically for the purpose of transporting your vehicle. Most comprehensive car insurance policies in India do not automatically cover damages that may occur during transit or while the vehicle is being transported.

Transit insurance, also known as carrier insurance or goods-in-transit insurance, provides coverage for the risks associated with transporting goods, including vehicles. It typically covers damages caused by accidents, theft, fire, or natural disasters that may occur during the transit process.

To ensure your car is adequately protected during the shifting process, it's advisable to contact your insurance provider and inquire about their transit insurance options or additional coverage specifically designed for vehicle transportation. They will be able to provide you with the necessary information, terms, and costs associated with transit insurance.

Remember that it's essential to carefully review the policy documents and understand the coverage, exclusions, and claim process before purchasing any insurance.

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